A passive income
for 10.000 people 

within 90 days

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The final countdown will take place on July 8th

during a live event in Vught, the Netherlands!

Reserve your spot as from Saturday June 20th.

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The 90-day challenge is a unique opportunity for a large group of people to change course! An opportunity in which cooperation comes first, in which together we provide financial space for everyone. And at the same time, we create a better society because everyone has the opportunity to live their mission. How cool is that?!

Anouk - Epicurean/


Thank you, it was such an exciting day when I heard about the Challenge ❤️. 
I'm still bouncing after all the registrations ... tomorrow I will continue calling, inviting and sharing my enthusiasm😊 
It makes me so happy to be able to offer this amazing gift to people ... 


Matthijs Schoonhoven - Entrepreneur

I am one of the lucky ones to still have a good income during this time of crisis. So many people have nothing at all. It's a wonderful this initiative to help those people to recover. Together we make passive income achievable for everyone!

Margot Corporaal -

Project Manager

​What a great initiative this challenge! If you're not concerned with finances, there's more room to do what you like. Working on a beautiful society in which we live out of love for ourselves and others. Together we are strong!

Linda Tielemans - Entrepreneur

​Power to the people!
​Amazing to see how at least 10,000 people can become independent in a short time. Independent of the chains of the modern operating company. It is wonderful that more and more people are becoming aware of freedom. I get even more energy from this!
​The future begins now!

Maikel Kappen - Freedomfighter

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